July 7 - July 8, 2023

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📕 Rules

If you are found to be in violation of any of the rules, this may lead to deletion of the messages, or receiving a permanent ban from the Discord server, SOOCTF account, and future SOOCTFs.

CTF Rules

  1. The flag format is described using this regex: ^SOOCTF\{.*\}$
  2. The following is a sample of a valid flag. Any flag not in a similar format is a false flag. Sample flag: SOOCTF{some_s4mple_flag}
  3. DDoS attacks are strictly prohibited.
  4. You are not allowed to brute-force any challenge on a server, unless specified otherwise.
  5. Collaboration between competing teams is not allowed.
  6. Flag hoarding is not allowed. - You find a flag, submit it right away!
  7. Do not modify or alter the challenges in any way, this includes the flags themselves.
  8. Decisions by admins of the State of Origin CTF regarding all disputes is final
  9. Rules are subject to change at the discretion of the SOOCTF Staff

Team Formation Rules

  • Team size is up to 5 players.
  • To remain eligible for prizes:
    • teams are required to be formed with approximately half of the team members being a member of each of the neighbour societies. In other words, the other participating society in the same state as you. For NSW this is UNSW SecSoc and UTS:CSEC, for QLD this is QUTWH and UQ Cyber Squad.
    • teams are required to have their student emails attached to their SOOCTF account profiles for verification purposes.
    • team names must be proceeded by the state prefix to show which state your team is fighting for. For NSW, teams are to be prefixed by [NSW], and [QLD] for QLD.

General Rules

  1. Be respectful to both each other and our staff.
  2. Posting flags in any channel is strictly forbidden.
  3. Please do not share links for pirated software, books or tools.
  4. Keep the content safe for work
  5. Do not post write-ups until the CTF is over.
  6. Do not hack the CTF infrastructure.
  7. Do not advertise other CTFs/Discord servers/events without asking staff.
  8. Regarding all disputes, the decision by staff is final.
  9. IMPORTANT: Have fun!

🎁 Prizes

Overall Winning State

TBA, but will include a trophy which that state can keep for bragging rights

Top QLD Team (1st)

Pentester Lab vouchers

Almost Top QLD Team (2nd)

2nd Place Trophy
A cool 3D printed SOOCTF logo coin per member

Top NSW Team (1st)

Pentester Lab vouchers

Almost Top NSW Team (2nd)

2nd Place Trophy
A cool 3D printed SOOCTF logo coin per member

Lucky Last

A surprise Prize :P

Top scorer in each challenge category

A fancy SOOCTF coaster

Meme Prize (Only SOOCTF/CTF Related Memes)

A cool 3D printed SOOCTF logo coin

To ensure eligibility for prizes:

  • You, and all members of your team need to be a member of at least one of the participating societies, before July 8 2023 00:00:00 AEST.
    • A member refers to individuals who are considered a 'Member' or other equivalent term of the participating society as per their constitution.
  • You must have five or fewer people competing for your team with an even split between the two neighbour universities.
    • If a team is of size 3, then at least 1 must be from a participating neighbour university society.
    • If a team is of size 5, then at least 2 must be from the participating neighbouring university societies.
  • To be eligible for the top prize in each state, your team must consist of only Members of the participating societies.
  • To be eligible for the "Meme Prize", a SOOCTF/CTF related original content meme must be posted in the SOOCTF #memez Discord Channel. No targeting other SOOCTF competitors with memes. Accept that the SOOCTF staff may delete any uploads without notice or reason. Don't be a dickhead. The winner will be determined by the SOOCTF staff.
  • The Overall Winning State will be decided by totalling the earned points from the Top 2 Teams representing that state. Whichever state has the higher total is determined to be the winner.

Prizes and eligibility are subject to change by State Of Origin CTF staff